Beginner's Guide to Broomstick Lace

Broomstick lace is the first alternative crochet technique that The Animator's Wife ever learned. She picked it up back in 2007, when this blog was still in its first days, from a coworker who had learned it in the 70s.

It's quite an old technique actually. Supposedly it was originally worked around actual broomsticks, and that is from where the name is derived. That seems rather cumbersome, so whether that is true or not is a question for the ages. Today broomstick lace is typically worked around jumbo knitting needles, which makes the fabric work up so quickly that the technique has also earned the name of "jiffy lace."

Broomstick Lace Ribbon

For anyone who has ever wanted to try this technique, we've assembled a set of tutorials complete with free practice patterns, and we've even organized them into a handy lesson plan. Teachers, please feel free to use these tutorials and patterns in your classes.

Measurements for Designers: Children's Sizes

A couple of weeks ago we published a standard measurement chart for crocheters interested in designing women's garments. Today I would like to expand on that by publishing a chart for children's measurements.

With a growing little girl, The Animator's Wife has inundated with design inspiration for children's crochet projects, but she wants to be able to make these designs available to everyone, not just those with children who happen to be the same size as Little Lovely at the time of designing. So as with women's sizes, we've put quite a bit of research into "standard" measurements, which of course began with the Craft Yarn Council's recommendations and expanded from there. The following chart is what we have so far. We will add to it as necessary.